project 4 pg 286

pg 286

project 4

Research the extent of the digital divide in the United States by collecting information about Internet access by people of different ages and ethnic groups. Which is a better predictor of Internet access: age of ethnic group?

According to the research I found, there is more of a gap between age groups in internet access, not ethnic groups. Children as young at three are accessing the internet and manipulating their way around computers. Older people of our country have less reason and motivation to learn the ins and outs of computers and internet access. For so long, elderly people have found other ways of accessing information that the internet provides, and it is found that they are more comfortable using those avenues, than relying on the internet for their resources. Ethnic groups across our country are becoming more and more mixed as well as looking the same. The difference between ethnic groups is no longer seniority or money, but now comes down to culture and skin color.

Younger people are accessing the internet more than older people.


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I am a student at UNT. I graduate in December with a degree in Development and Family Studies. I am a personal trainer and intern at Irving Bible Church and I work with the student ministry there.
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