Working in groups

In your blog, discuss your past experiences with working in groups. What will you do differently in the future?

In my four years of college and additional four years of high school, I have had both really good and really terrible experiences with working in groups.

A really good group example is when I was in a class with all Development and Family Studies majors. Everyone there wanted to be a teacher or counselor, which resulted in everyone there being responsible for themselves and ambitious and ready to work ahead. We were all really quick to do our own work, and comfortable enough to hold each other accountable to doing the correct work. We relied heavily on each other for the grade of the project, which was the teacher’s intent. Our communication in class and out side of class had to be solid and thorough. We made an A at the end of the semester because we took responsibility for what was ours, and we were willing to go out of our way to help each other understand.

A difficult group experience I had was in my social research class. This class is required by several majors and had a very diverse crowd, with a diverse set of priorities and interests. Our assignment was simple but required a lot of time and did not really require separate grades or individual input. In this case, people that were asked to bring an article regarding a small part of our research would not bring it, and that would slide because they were not held accountable to the teacher or by their grade. The one product the teacher cared about was the final one, and how we got there, she did not care. In this situation, people that care about their work, class, and grade, end up doing the project for those that do not. This assignment was frustrating and I ended up not relying on select members of the group and just communicating with the few that would follow through. I did not expect the teacher to care or change her style of grading, but I did not consider it my responsibility to call and constantly remind forgetful team members, and found it easier to simply do the research, writing, or design myself.

In the future, my group members will be paid employees of my workplace. It will be easier to motivate and encourage them, and I hope to also be motivated in the future. I will try to be more patient with those that chose to procrastinate or forget about their work.


About brummettshea8

I am a student at UNT. I graduate in December with a degree in Development and Family Studies. I am a personal trainer and intern at Irving Bible Church and I work with the student ministry there.
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