Problem Solving

Your roommate has been arrested by campus police for being intoxicated. You know that he/she has not been drinking and is instead suffering from the effects of a painkiller given for wisdom teeth extraction given the day before. If they miss their final exam tomorrow, they will be unable to graduate on time and will lose a job that is expected to begin right after graduation.

  1. How is the current situation different from what I actually want it to be?

In this current situation, my roommate is arrested for a reason that is invalid and unfair.

2. What do I actually want, or how do I actually want things to be?

I want them to be released free of charge.

3. What is preventing me from achieving my goals, or from things being the way I want them to be?

Nothing is preventing me from achieving my goals in the scenario. It is an inconvenience to have to go to the police station when the arrest was made without evidence.

  1. How is this problem affecting me?

The problem is affecting me because I feel bad for my roommate, and there is a chance my rent may not get paid if they are held at the end of the month.

2. How is this problem affecting other people?

The future employers of my roommate will be effected if she does not graduate. Her teacher will probably have to go out of her way in order to meet the special needs of my roommate.

3. Who else is experiencing this problem?

I am not sure who else is experiencing this problem, but many people are affected.

4. How do other people deal with this problem?

I have not heard of any college students having to deal with their roommate being arrested for the wrong reason.

If my roommate was arrested for the right or wrong reason I would go up to the police department and see what I could do or how much it would cost to get them out. If they would allow me, I would talk to their teacher and tell them what happened, understanding that my roommate would probably have told their teachers about the surgery ahead of time. I would ask the doctor or pharmacist to call the police station and and inform them about the medication my roommate is on. If all of those things did not work, then I would inform her parents about what happened and let them handle it from there.


About brummettshea8

I am a student at UNT. I graduate in December with a degree in Development and Family Studies. I am a personal trainer and intern at Irving Bible Church and I work with the student ministry there.
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