Universal Education

I chose to read and write about universal education. I have a passion for this because I know that education promotes equality and health. Women across the world are suffering because they are lesser, simply because they are uneducated and uninformed about their value and their oportunity around the globe. On the same level, children and parents would be healthier and more nourished if they were more educated. They would have a greater chance at being noticed, fed, and taken care of in a hospital because they would be able to earn money, or knowledgeable about how to get money to provide things like this. In low income hospitals, people that come in with money for themselves and do not rely on loans or insurance are more likely to be helped, than if they could not pay. Sick, educated people are also more likely to recognize when something is wrong with their bodies or their family’s body and have a better idea of how to get a medication or treatment.


About brummettshea8

I am a student at UNT. I graduate in December with a degree in Development and Family Studies. I am a personal trainer and intern at Irving Bible Church and I work with the student ministry there.
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